Motion Graphics

Logo Bumper

For this project begin by selecting a multiple part logo for a company.
Design a motion sequence that has the logo animate onto the screen in pieces, assemble, move there in some fashion for a few seconds and then fly out in a manner different from its entry.

For more examples, Logo Bumper Album



The themescape project is a visual “stream-of-consciousness” piece. This linear, non-narrative project allows you to use greater creativity without being bound by a strict story. The theme may meander, stylistically to explore your theme from many directions threaded together with motion. Think of it as a sort of photo-essay made with animation and motion graphics.

For more examples, Themescape Album


Animated Infographic

An Infographic can take a complicated or seemingly boring subject and turn it into an enticing (and informative) experience. Select a topic and combine imagery, text, and data visualization to captivate and inform your audience.

For more examples, Animated Infographic Album


Kinetic Typography

Create a kinetic type animation for an existing speech or dialogue. Use a combination of animated text and imagery to emphasize the message or theme.

For more examples, Kinetic Typography Album